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Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics are Diamond Invisalign Providers. Diamond Invisalign Providers are Invisalign experts and the top 1% in the world!

Mill Creek, WA Orthodontics

Why Get Invisalign or Braces?

Correct Bad Bites

Besides aligning teeth and creating better smiles, braces also correct malocclusions ― also referred to as “bad bites.” Bad bites can create a host of other jaw, bite, and dental issues if left unchecked, so it’s important to correct them as early as possible.

Better Hygiene

When your teeth are straight, they become much easier to properly keep clean, since there are less nooks and crannies for food particles and plaque to hide in. More thorough brushing and flossing will cut down your risk of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease ― plus your breath will smell great!

Confidence Boost

Get the camera ready, because there will be no more hiding your smile! Once you’ve completed your braces or Invisalign treatment, you’ll have a great looking smile you can be proud of, which is a major confidence booster ― and who doesn’t love feeling confident about themselves? Plus, studies have shown that people more easily trust people with good smiles, meaning your winning new smile might even help land you your dream job someday!

Top 1% Invisalign Provider - Orthodontist

Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics is a Top 1% Invisalign Provider

Sullivan Bastian have been awarded the prestigious Diamond Plus Invisalign status for the fourth consecutive year, which distinguishes them as the top 1% of providers in North America. They have dedicated their continued training to become experts in clear aligner therapy. 

Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics is the only Diamond Plus Invisalign provider in the Mill Creek area and one of the top Invisalign Adult & Teen providers. The doctors and their talented team offer high tech, personalized treatment plans that fit into the busy lives of their patients.

Why Sullivan Bastian?

Looking For An Orthodontist in Mill Creek?

Free Consultation

Consultations are free and include all photos, x-rays and an examination by our orthodontists. Get answers to all your questions in one convenient appointment!

Affordable Fees

Braces & Invisalign by our orthodontists. Expert treatment at an affordable price. Fees include all adjustments and retainers.

Flexible Financing

Interest-free payment plans with low monthly and low down payments. Every patient automatically qualifies – no credit checks required.

Shorter Treatment Times

Shorter treatment time with braces utilizing the latest in orthodontic treatment available today which incorporates methods to ensure everyone’s treatment results in a beautiful, healthy smile that last a lifetime.

Convenient Location

We have an office located in Mill Creek, WA ​for your convenience! Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and get ready to start smiling.

No Referrals Needed

Whether you want to find out your options or are just looking for a second opinion, you don’t need a referral from a dentist to see us.

Upfront, all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees. No surprises.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Getting braces or Invisalign by an orthodontist in Mill Creek is more affordable than you think. We know that this is an important investment for you and your family and we believe that cost should never be an obstacle to receive the treatment required when it is needed most. We offer flexible financing options and we will work with you to find a payment plan that fits within your budget.

No Hidden Fees

0% Interest Payment Plans

Low Month Payment Plans

Low Down Payments

Extended Payments

Straightening teeth isn't part of what we do. It's all we do.

Trust Your Smile To An Orthodontist

While all orthodontists are dentists, not all dentists are orthodontists. In fact, only 6% of dentists are orthodontists! In order to be called an orthodontist, a dentist must complete an additional 2-3 years of full-time specialized training after 4 years of dental school. This training focuses exclusively on how to straighten teeth using braces and Invisalign, similar to how a cardiologist completes an extra 3-5 years of specialized training in a hospital compared to a family physician. Braces and Invisalign are something you only want to go through and pay for once so trust your smile to a Mill Creek orthodontist if you want the best outcome.

Dr. Terry Sullivan, DDS, MSD

Dr. Neal Bastian, DDS, MSD

Over 25 Years Of Creating Beautiful Smiles.

Experience Invisalign

Perfect your smile without anyone noticing!

Gone are the days when the only way to get a beautiful smile was metal braces! Invisalign has been used to treat over 7,000,000 patients worldwide! Our orthodontists believe that Invisalign clear aligners are the future of braces as they are comfortable, discreet, and effective! What more could you ask for? As specialists in Invisalign, our orthodontists can customize your Invisalign treatment to allow you to quickly and precisely attain that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamt of. Want to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign? Book a free consultation and our orthodontists will give you their expert opinion!

Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics are Diamond Invisalign Providers. Diamond Providers are Invisalign experts and the top 1% in the world!

Metal Damon Braces

Efficient and cost effective

Today’s metal braces are smaller, cleaner, and more efficient than ever. We use the latest self ligating braces which can align teeth faster than the big, bulky traditional braces your parents and grandparents had. Self ligating braces are an efficient and cost effective option to straighten teeth.

Perfect for:

Clear Damon Braces

Ditch the metal and go for clear!

Did you know braces aren’t only made out of metal? We can straighten your teeth just as effectively with see-through ceramic braces that are made out of glass. Let’s achieve that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without compromising on esthetics.

Intercept the Problem Early

... before it gets any worse!

Did you know that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthdodontist for their first check up at age 7? We know what you’re thinking: boy that’s early! But that’s the age when their adult teeth are just starting to come in and right before they have their growth spurt. If any problems are developing, our orthodontists can pick it up early and intercept the problem or possibly even prevent one from developing! Our orthodontists can work with your child’s growth to correct the problems early before they become more serious. For some kids, early or interceptive orthodontic treatment is not needed and it’s better to wait until all of the child’s permanent teeth are in before starting braces. At Sullivan Bastian, we will assess your child and customize our treatment to do what’s best and what’s most cost effective. Our priority is to make sure your child gets the care they deserve at the right time.

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