Checklist For After Braces Care

Now that you are scheduled to have your braces removed and you are planning your celebration as well as your first braces-free snack, there are other details you need to think about. After braces care is a very important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy now that you are finishing your time in braces.


If you have an appointment to have your braces removed, ask your orthodontist about keeping your teeth in the current position. Once your braces are off, your teeth will begin to shift their positions now that they aren’t being held in place by wires. You will most likely be fitted for a retainer to wear. Many orthodontists ask that you wear a retainer all day and evening for the first few months after your braces come off. You can then switch to wearing your retainer at night while you’re sleeping to keep your teeth in their current locations.

Schedule a Cleaning

It has probably been some time since you had your braces off, and your teeth may need a deep cleaning. The dentist will want to take new X-rays and have your teeth cleaned and polished, so they are bright and shiny. If you have a small cavity or a divot on one of your teeth from a bracket, the dentist can fix the cavity and use bonding to smooth out the divot. That way, you’ll be ready to smile big now that you are braces-free.

This is also a great time to ask about other issues you have been having. For example, if you have been getting a lot of headaches, that may be a signal that you are clenching or grinding your teeth or that you have wisdom teeth that are erupting. Your dentist can examine your mouth fully to make sure you don’t have any other issues.