Could My Child End Up Wearing Braces Twice?

You might have seen the stories on social media; parents worried because their children ended up wearing braces far longer than they intended. Wearing braces twice means you double the cost and the time your kid spends restricting certain foods or cleaning food out of brackets. Here are some ways you can make sure your child wears braces one time only.

Don’t Get Braces Too Early

Most orthodontists don’t recommend your child gets braces until they have nearly all of their permanent teeth in. Orthodontists want to make sure they are moving your child’s permanent teeth into their permanent positions in your mouth. Also, permanent teeth are larger than baby teeth, so your child’s mouth will look different once the permanent teeth come in. While there are orthodontic conditions that require early braces, check with an orthodontist if you have questions about the age your child will need to get braces.

Your Child Doesn’t Follow The Program

There are cases where people have to have braces twice because they failed to follow directions. In general, orthodontists want your child to visit them about every other month. During the orthodontic visit, the orthodontist will examine your son or daughter’s mouth for issues and tighten their wires. It is that wire tightening that moves the teeth into their permanent positions in the mouth.

If you skip appointments, if your child constantly breaks brackets or wires because of their physical activity or their diet, you may prolong their treatment. You may also increase the chances of paying for braces twice. That’s why it is so important to follow the plan your orthodontist came up with for your child. If your son or daughter eats properly, uses good oral hygiene, and keeps their appointments, the chances they will need a repeat visit to braces is very small.