Do All Orthodontists File Teeth After Braces?

There is a tooth procedure done to a tooth to enhance how a restoration fits over the tooth or how its size and look appear. It is called tooth filing, also known as tooth slenderizing, reshaping, or contouring. Sometimes it is referred to as tooth shaving. Technically referred to as enameloplasty or odontoplasty, tooth filing entails removing a small amount of your enamel from the tooth, hence reshaping it.

Tooth shaving is done for cosmetic or medical reasons. For decorative purposes, it is done when your teeth need smoothening to enhance their appearance. On the other hand, an orthodontist may recommend the procedure to prepare the damaged tooth for a crown or veneer to improve your bite.

Tooth Filing Is Recommended After Braces

An orthodontist will recommend this procedure after braces for a final touch-up that will further enhance the looks of your teeth and smile. They reshape the extra edges of your teeth and correct some other mishappening of the teeth, such as removing sticky adhesive that could have remained on the surface of your teeth after braces removal.

The filing procedure after removing braces doesn\’t require a numbing agent as it is not painful. It is a procedure that takes less than one hour to complete depending on the amount of reshaping your teeth needs. While the procedure may be required after finishing wearing braces, sometimes, an orthodontist may not perform it depending on how your teeth’s edges look.

Does Tooth Shaving After Braces Hurt?

Tooth shaving after the removal of braces is not painful. That is why it does not require numbing. Our orthodontists finish the procedure in less than an hour and won\’t cause you any pain or discomfort.

Desist from carrying out tooth reshaping at home as it could cause irreversible damage to your tooth enamel, causing pain and tooth sensitivity. Don\’t hesitate to contact our dentist today to learn more about tooth filing and get the procedure done.