Does Invisalign Treatment Change Your Face Shape?

Invisalign, which is a dental gadget used to fix misaligned teeth, is to give a good look to your teeth. If you are having any teeth alignment problems, chances are that your face may be having deformities. The two most known teeth aligning methods are the use of metal braces and clear aligners. Invisalign is a known brand of clear aligners.

Now that you understand that Invisalign is there to rectify already existing teeth and bite misalignments, you should expect changes in your face’s appearance and shape after the treatment. Your teeth are a component of your facial structure and any changes made on teeth alignment will change your facial look.

How It Changes the Face’s Shape

The improper arrangement of teeth is also known as misalign while jaw irregularities are referred to as malocclusions. These issues vary in severity and form. The type of malocclusion you are having, and its intensity will determine the shape of your face before and after the treatment. Overbites, crossbites, underbites, and open bites are some of the problems that need to be fixed with Invisalign. Crossbites, for instance, will make the jaw pull on one side, giving it and the lips a different shape, which Invisalign will correct to the right shape.

The technique used is what changes the shape of your face by altering the angles in which some parts of the face are positioned. The parts that are mainly affected by the treatment are the nose, lips, chin, and jaw.

How the Changes in Facial Shape Will Impact You

You probably are distressed when you are told that your face will develop changes due to Invisalign and it’s the only form of treatment you would wish for. Don’t trouble yourself, as the whole point is to make your smile better and this will definitely give you a good look. Contact our offices and talk to an orthodontist for more insights on Invisalign treatment.