How Can I Afford Orthodontic Care For My Kids?

Whether you have one child or more than one child, orthodontic care can be expensive, especially if all of your children require braces. Due to orthodonture being so expensive, parents often wonder how to pay for their child’s orthodontic care. Here are some ideas to make orthodontics more affordable for your family.

Payment Plans

Nearly all orthodontists realize that families cannot come up with the full amount for braces right up front. Instead, orthodontists will set up a payment plan for you, and you’ll pay the same amount each month for the length of time your child has braces. Also, if you have dental insurance, the orthodontist may work with your insurance company to deduct the insurance part of the payment first, then bill you for your portion. You will want to meet with the orthodontist’s billing department ahead of time to set up payments.

Credit Cards

Orthodontists also offer types of credit cards that operate much like a payment plan. The credit card company will charge your card either the monthly amount or the entire amount upfront, depending on the card. This is a good option for families who have credit cards on their own or who are willing to sign up for a dental credit card.

Personal Loans

Many banks and credit unions offer personal loans with great interest rates for their customers to help them pay for expenses, such as orthodonture. You may be able to get a personal loan for as little as $500 or as much as $25,000, depending on the institution. In general, interest rates for personal loans from a financial institution are very low, and many families consider this option.

No matter how you want to pay for your child’s braces, there are a variety of ways to help make orthodontics as affordable as possible.