How Invisible Is You Invisalign System In The Mouth?

Are you thinking of rectifying your teeth misalignment problems, but wonder whether Invisalign is totally invisible as you may have been told? Sincerely speaking, nothing is invisible, maybe air. If indeed Invisalign trays were invisible, even locating where you had put them would become a problem, as invisible things cannot be seen.

Invisalign is made from a certain kind of plastic, which is clear. Being clear makes it nearly invisible, but it can be seen only with a keen eye. As much as you would like a treatment that will save you from embarrassment, be wary that Invisalign isn’t completely unseen.

What Will Make Your Clear Aligners Less Visible

Various things make Invisalign more visible. The clear material that makes it produces a kind of reflection when hit by light. The reflection will make people notice that you have aligners mounted in your mouth. The borders or edges of Invisalign are visible in some cases. They don’t cover all teeth completely, and their outline can be seen above the teeth, especially if your lips don’t cover the whole surface of teeth when smiling.

For ladies, lip polish or even lipstick can stain the trays, making them more visible at a distance. A lot of saliva production occurs during the first days of having them. If you have gaps in your teeth, then the saliva will enter the trays, making them visible. Staining from coffee, tea, wine, and other drinks or foods is also another cause of the visibility of clear aligners.

How To Maintain a Cool Appearance When Using Invisalign

If you want to maintain a normal appearance when wearing Invisalign, there are a few tips to observe. Always remove them when eating and drinking. Remember to clean your teeth before putting them back on again. Again, clean the aligners once you remove them to eliminate biofilm and debris likely to be lodged in the surfaces after wearing them for many hours. A deep clean occasionally will also keep them looking great.

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