How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Dental bridges are a popular alternative for replacing missing teeth. This is because dental practitioners make them to resemble the natural teeth. Dentists use dental bridges to replace one tooth or even a row of missing teeth and two major types of bridges are either fixed or ones that can be removed. The type of bridge that you decide to get will depend on several factors, such as your age, the number of teeth missing, and the size of the gap. Dental bridges have many benefits for your oral health. However, one of the major concerns is if they last for a long time.

How Long Will Dental Bridges Last?

Dental bridges can last from five to fifteen years. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can even last for longer. The life span of your dental bridge will depend on how you take care of them. In addition, your diet and lifestyle can also affect how long your dental bridges will last.

How To Care for Your Dental Bridges

To ensure that your bridges last for a long time without replacement, then you have to take care of them. For fixed bridges, you need to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth at least twice daily, flossing daily, and using anti-bacterial mouthwash. It is also important to visit your dentist frequently. The dentist will offer professional cleaning and the visit will also give the dentist a chance to monitor the progress of your bridges.

If you have removable dental bridges, aside from maintaining good oral hygiene, you will also have to clean your removable bridges. The best way to do this is to clean the bridges by using a soft brush and denture cleaner. Rinse it in hot water but never in cold water. It is also important to avoid harsh abrasive materials when cleaning, such as toothpaste.

Dental bridges are very beneficial to your oral health. They help you chew and speak properly. Dental bridges prevent the shifting of teeth and also prevent bone loss. How long your dental bridges will last will depend on you. Thus, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene to ensure their longevity.