How Long Should I Wear Braces

A dentist specializing in tooth and jaw alignments will use braces or aligners to treat the misalignment of teeth in the mouth. While most braces are worn for one to three years, the period you are supposed to wear them will, however, vary depending on various factors in your treatment plan. Of course, the severity of the case is a key factor, but many other things determine the length of time taken to wear them.

Type of Braces Used

Different types of orthodontic treatments can be applied during such treatments. Braces come in several varieties including ceramic braces, clear braces, metal braces, and many other types. A dentist will advise on the best type to use depending on your case because different malocclusion issues are unique. The time taken to wear them will depend on the type of braces used and the actual treatment plan as advised by the specialist.

How you Handle your Treatment

Following instructions, making dental visits for follow-ups and checks, and maintaining a healthy habit can reduce the period taken to wear braces. As such, the treatment becomes effective and much faster.

Your Diet

The kind of foods you eat will certainly affect your treatment duration. Hard, crunchy, and sticky foods may break off your braces and this may lead to an extension of the brace-wearing period. Even some raw vegetables can cause damage, so seek advice on the best kind of diet to follow from a dentist during this time.

Your Age

Children’s and teenagers’ jaws and bones tend to heal faster because they are still growing. However, the case is slightly different in adults as theirs takes more time to heal. Age is, therefore, a determining element in the duration of wearing braces.

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