How To Prevent Teeth Stains from Braces?

Braces are a popular treatment for a wide range of orthodontic problems such as crooked or teeth with gaps. They work by applying pressure on the teeth, over a period, to move them into position. Braces are popular because they are cost-effective, and they do not require a lot of maintenance. In addition, they are very effective at straightening teeth. Although braces are important in straightening teeth, they also cause staining to the teeth. This may cause a lot of distress for many people. However, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your teeth do not stain;

Reduce Consumption of Sugary Foods and Drinks

One of the major causes of stains on your teeth when you have braces is sugary foods and drinks. We all know that sugary foods are bad for our dental health since they cause cavities. However, aside from causing cavities, they can also stain your teeth. This is because they erode the teeth’s enamel. Keep in mind that it’s not about the quantity of the sugary foods that you consume but it’s about the frequency of consumption. This means that frequently exposing your teeth to sugary foods is likely to cause stains on the teeth. Thus, it is best to reduce your frequency of consumption of sugary foods and drinks.

Stop Smoking

Tobacco and tobacco products such as cigarettes cause staining on the teeth. Thus, if you have braces, you might need to stop smoking. In addition, smoking also increases your chances of getting plaque, which can cause damage to your gums and teeth.

Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks

Just like sugary foods, the acid in acidic foods such as citrus fruits and drinks, vinegar, and carbonated drinks, corrodes the teeth’s enamel. Once the enamel wears out, the teeth become more prone to staining. Thus, if you consume these foods and drinks frequently, it only leads to further teeth stains. Therefore, the best way to avoid teeth stains is to stay away from these foods.

Avoid Highly Pigmented Food and Drinks

Frequent consumption of highly pigmented foods and drinks will definitely cause staining of teeth. When you have braces, it becomes harder to clean in between the wires. Thus, if you consume highly pigmented foods and drinks, you put yourself at risk of staining. These foods and drinks include red wine, coffee, berries, beetroot, and even tomatoes.

One of the best ways to prevent the staining of teeth is to maintain a proper dental hygiene routine. This means that you should brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss daily. In addition, it is important to visit the dentist frequently to ensure that your teeth are in perfect condition.