Is Invisalign Worth It For Older Adults?

Orthodontic treatments are perceived to work better for young people. At a young age, the teeth and jaws are still growing, making it easy for an orthodontist to monitor the growth and positioning of the teeth during teeth alignment treatments. While in old age the bones including teeth and jaws have fully developed, they can still be moved to targeted alignment. Just because you are old, it shouldn’t bother you, as teeth alignment can be done at any age, including late old age. At this age, you would prefer something comfortable and discreet in your treatment, and Invisalign makes a great option.

Invisalign comes in sets of plastic aligners that are clear and nearly invisible when worn on the teeth. Their inconspicuousness will make it convenient to wear them in your old age, but you will also want to know what other advantages it offers and if there are any disadvantages.

Benefits of Invisalign for Adults

First and foremost, it is not restricted to any age, making it convenient for anyone. It is removable, unlike braces which are fixed permanently during the whole treatment time. This characteristic makes Invisalign easy to use, as you can remove the trays when eating and drinking or brushing.

Again, because you can remove them, it lessens the restrictions on the foods you can consume. Additionally, you can easily clean the trays, ensuring they remain free of biofilm and leftovers. Braces, on the other hand, make it more challenging to clean the teeth with them on, as you will need to brush and floss in between the wires.

Disadvantages of Invisalign for Adults

The Invisalign system requires much attention because of its removable nature. It’s easy to forget to put them back in the mouth. Again, you have to observe the 22 hours a day of wearing the aligners for the best results. Older adults are more forgettable, and could unintentionally miss wearing their aligners, which can delay the treatment.

Oral hygiene has to be observed on a high level, as you will need to clean your teeth every time you eat before replacing them. Moreover, some severe cases of improper teeth alignment cannot be corrected with Invisalign. To know the right kind of treatment for you, visit our offices for more consultations.