Preparing Your Child For Braces

Parents often realize their child needs braces when they are still in elementary school. As your child grows older, the time they will need to wear braces grows closer. Here are some tips on preparing your son or daughter to wear braces.

Start Conversations Early

Many dentists know very early which of their younger patients may need orthodontic care. In fact, in some cases, your child’s dentist may refer you to an orthodontist around the age of 7. If your child has a serious malocclusion (or bite issue), you may be talking to an orthodontist sooner than you think. Often, children need pre-braces work on their mouths before the talk of braces really gets started. For example, your son or daughter may need to enlarge their top or bottom palate to give them an even bite. The orthodontist may cement an appliance, such as an enhancer, to gradually enlarge their palate into their top or bottom jaw.

If you already know your child is going to have braces, it is not too early to start having conversations about what wearing braces feels like. There are also some great books and videos about wearing braces you might want to show your child. When you talk about braces early and often, you reduce the fear your son or daughter might have about orthodonture.

Visit An Orthodontist

Once you know which orthodontist you want your child to use, it is a great idea to take them for a visit. Nearly all orthodontist’s offices schedule tours and allow children to visit assistants and orthodontists to look at tools, models of braces, and x-rays of their mouths so they have a good understanding of what will take place when they get their braces. Once your child understands the process for braces, meets the orthodontist, and sees the office, he or she will feel better about getting braces.