Preventing Cavities With Braces

One of the most difficult issues people with braces face is how to make sure their teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible while they are wearing braces. Braces don’t actually cause cavities just because they are on your teeth, but cavities are more common for people who have braces on because it can be challenging to clean your teeth and gums when you are wearing braces. Here are some helpful tips for preventing cavities if you wear braces.

Why Hygiene Is So Important

Cavities are caused by excess bacteria on your teeth. Over time, the bacteria eat into your tooth enamel, which causes cavities to form. If you don’t take care of cavities early, they can continue to grow, and they will eventually make their way into your tooth pulp. Once the infection is in your tooth pulp, it can cause extreme pain and tooth loss.

Hygiene Is Crucial

The most important way to prevent cavities if you wear braces is to practice good oral hygiene. Every time you eat a meal or a snack, you need to clean your braces. There are special toothbrushes designed for braces that you can carry in a purse or backpack or leave at your desk at work.

It is essential that you floss your teeth as well every time you eat. Flossing is challenging if you wear braces. Usually, your orthodontist will give you flossers to use with your dental floss while you have braces. Flossers allow you to thread string floss underneath your wires, which means you’ll be able to floss particles of food out of your teeth.

If you are having trouble brushing and flossing your teeth with braces, you may want to invest in a mechanical toothbrush or a tooth flosser. Many people who have braces swear by these tools because they make keeping your teeth clean much easier.