Teenagers And Braces Care

Your teenager is likely to need orthodonture at some point during their teenage years. Only about 10% of Americans are born with perfectly straight, evenly-spaced teeth. If your teenager is going to need braces soon, you’ll want tips on caring for them since no parent wants to pay for braces any longer than they have to![[[H2:Brushing and Flossing Are Critical

One of the most important things teenagers need to do if they are going to wear braces is to thoroughly clean their teeth. That’s because cleaning teeth once braces are on is more difficult. If your teenager doesn’t brush or floss properly while they are in braces, they run the risk of having discolored teeth or cavities once the braces come off.

Usually, if a teenager is going to have a problem cleaning their teeth with braces on, it isn’t the brushing that is the issue–it’s the flossing. Flossing teeth with braces is especially difficult. The orthodontist will give your teenager flossers to make flossing in between the brackets and wires easier.

However, if your teen has trouble working with the flossers, you may want to invest in a battery-operated or electric flosser. These inventions are great for getting in between the wires and brackets of braces using a jet of air or water. This may be easier for your teenager than working string around brackets.

Avoiding Broken Wires and Brackets

Every time your teenager breaks a wire or a bracket, it means you get to return to the orthodontist for a new wire or bracket, which can delay treatment time and cost you more money. To avoid that trip, be sure your teen is following the orthodontist’s instructions about what foods to avoid. There are several foods that they won’t be able to eat with braces, such as hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables, without cutting them smaller. They also need to skip sticky foods, such as caramel, taffy, and gum. Not only will these stick to braces, but they also contain a lot of sugar, which causes cavities.