What Are the White Spots on My Teeth?

You may take excellent care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day, but for some strange reason, you may notice white spots on your teeth. While we all know about teeth staining and how to get rid of them, white spots on the teeth are a new territory. There are many reasons why you may have these white spots on your teeth, such as poor dental hygiene or fluorosis. Let’s take a thorough look at what causes these white spots and how to treat them.

What Causes White Spots on My Teeth?

There are several reasons why you may have white spots on your teeth and one of them is fluorosis. Fluorosis typically occurs when one consumes a lot of fluoride when young. Even though fluoride has many benefits when consumed in large quantities, it can lead to teeth discoloration. Another common cause of the white spots on your teeth is demineralization. This demineralization occurs because bacteria build up in the mouth, which causes the teeth to lose their minerals, and this causes the white spots.

Another common cause of white spots is enamel hypoplasia. Hypoplasia is a tooth defect where the enamel is thinner than it is supposed to be. There are many reasons why you may have a thin enamel such as genetics and vitamin deficiency.

Treatment Options

A common treatment option is installing veneers. Veneers are perfect for hiding imperfections on your teeth because they resemble the natural tooth. Your dentist can also recommend topical fluoride to teeth. This treatment option is for people with enamel hypoplasia since it will help to encourage the development of the enamel. In addition, the dentist can also suggest teeth whitening to reduce the appearance of the white spots.

The best way to prevent these white spots from developing is to maintain good oral hygiene. This means that you need to brush your teeth twice daily and floss daily. It is also important that you use the right amount of toothpaste. Do not use too much, as this could lead to fluorosis.