What Is Invisalign Touted For?

Invisalign is like braces, but it is made and works differently, although the results are the same. They are tooth-straightening devices tailored to fit your teeth. Invisalign features trays or aligners made from plastic after your mouth has been looked into and detailed impressions are taken. This makes them like a replica of your teeth structure. Many things make Invisalign trays a favorite teeth alignment appliance for many people including adults and teens.

Rectifying Improper Bites

The upper and lower teeth should be well aligned so that they make contact evenly all around the mouth. Some people are not able to achieve this uniform contact of teeth in different ways. There is an overbite where the upper teeth extend over the lower teeth. Underbite is vice versa of an overbite.

There is an open bite where the upper teeth don’t make contact with the lower teeth when the mouth is shut. A crossbite is also another form of incorrect bite, where some lower teeth cross over the upper teeth. Invisalign serves the purpose of rectifying all these problems.

Offers Discreet Treatment

Invisalign is for those who don’t want their treatment to be spotted by others, so they will try to use clear aligners. The transparent nature makes clear aligners very hard to notice. Most adults prefer them because of this feature of inconspicuousness.

Straightening teeth

Where crooked or misaligned teeth are a concern, Invisalign will work out well, just like traditional braces. They even take a shorter time than braces in some misalignment and malocclusion cases.


The plastic material used to make Invisalign trays allows them to be comfortable inside the mouth. The small cuts got from the wires and brackets that make braces don’t occur with Invisalign. The trays are custom-made to adjust to the shifts in your teeth. These trays should be changed every two weeks due to the teeth and jaw adjustments.

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