Elevating Adult Smiles with Invisalign: Where Cutting-Edge Meets Discretion

Our office is proud to be a certified Top 1% Diamond Plus provider of Invisalign® clear aligners for treatment you can’t see and a smile you can’t hide.
In the world of orthodontic technology advancements, there’s been a significant shift towards treatment that not only caters to efficacy but provides aesthetics benefits and the flexibility to work into a modern lifestyle. Adults, more than ever, are taking charge of their oral health and appearance, and for them, Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics is proud to offer Invisalign for adults.
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Experience the Sullivan Bastian Difference

Choosing Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics for your Invisalign treatment isn’t just about receiving care; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey, backed by the best in the field. Dr. Bastian’s commitment to cutting-edge technology meant we were the first in Mill Creek to embrace Invisalign, demonstrating not just our trust in the system but also our pledge to offer our patients nothing short of the best.

Our team’s expertise with Invisalign isn’t just recognized locally. We’ve maintained the highest status of professionally recognized expertise with this treatment modality. This ensures that when you opt for Invisalign at our clinic, you’re not just getting aligners; you’re receiving science and tech-driven results sculpted by some of the most experienced hands in orthodontics.

Why Invisalign for Adults?

As adults, our lives are filled with professional meetings, social gatherings, and countless moments where we’d prefer to feel confident without the obvious appearance of traditional braces. Invisalign offers an ideal solution, blending the desire for a perfect smile with the need for discretion. But what makes Invisalign stand out?

Discreet Treatment

The clear aligners are virtually invisible. Whether you're in a board meeting, attending a social event, or simply out for a coffee, your orthodontic treatment stays between you and your orthodontist.


Have an important event coming up? The beauty of Invisalign lies in its flexibility. The aligners can be temporarily removed for short durations, allowing you to confidently partake in significant occasions.


Without the metallic brackets and wires, Invisalign ensures a comfortable fit, reducing the chances of mouth sores or discomfort.

More than Just Technology

Our commitment to you goes beyond the tech. Rooted deeply in the values of compassion, transparency, and holistic well-being, our approach to orthodontic care understands the unique requirements of adults.

Aesthetics Plus

We recognize that adult orthodontic care isn't merely about aesthetics. It's about restoring confidence, improving dental health, and ensuring that your orthodontic journey aligns with your lifestyle and needs. Every consultation is a conversation, an opportunity for us to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and set you on a path where you feel comfortable and confident.

A Smile Tailored for You

Invisalign at Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics is a highly personalized experience. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Every set of aligners is tailored to fit seamlessly into your daily life while working efficiently towards your ideal smile. And with our dedicated team by your side, every step of the way becomes a collaborative effort, ensuring the end result is nothing short of perfection.

The Mill Creek Commitment

Dr. Bastian’s deep roots in Mill Creek mean he’s not just your orthodontist; he’s your neighbor and community member. Our entire team’s commitment to the well-being of our community drives us to elevate our standards, ensuring that every adult stepping into our clinic feels the warmth of familiarity coupled with the assurance of top-tier orthodontic care.

Financing and Support

We believe that a perfect smile shouldn't be burdened by financial concerns. Our flexible financing options ensure that you can embark on your Invisalign journey without undue stress. And with our transparent pricing, you'll always know what to expect—no hidden fees, no surprises.