Tech-forward treatment options for exceptional results

As a pioneer in innovative, tech forward-treatment, Sullivan Bastian leads the way in digitizing essential aspects of the orthodontic process to ensure a seamless path to your ideal smile. This approach translates to shorter treatment durations and heightened precision, all while keeping your comfort as our top priority.
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Tech Savvy Treatment

Our commitment to your smile journey extends beyond the conventional. We bring you the latest in orthodontic technology, including the iTero Digital Scanner for precise 3D imaging, SprintRay 3D-printed appliances for tailored solutions, and revolutionary options like Invisalign, LightForce and Damon braces. With this advanced technology, we ensure your orthodontic experience is precise, efficient, and comfortable, paving the way to your ideal smile.
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iTero® Digital Scanner

Orthodontic patients collectively dread goopy and gag-worthy putty impressions. Now you don’t have to. We've embraced the iTero® Digital Impression System by Align Technology. Using a sleek digital scanning wand, we capture precise 3D digital images of your teeth and bite. These images serve as the foundation for creating your custom treatment plan. Not only do these digital images help us illustrate your optimal treatment choices and track your progress, but they also allow you to get a sneak peek at the eventual outcome of your smile transformation.

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SprintRay Printing Eco System

Introducing the SprintRay Printing Eco System—a groundbreaking 3D printer employed at our office for crafting orthodontic appliances. From start to finish, we oversee the entire production process, resulting in quicker appliance delivery and an impeccable fit. Being among the early adopters of this innovative technology, we were honored to visit SprintRay's headquarters, where we met the founders and developers to discuss the specific requirements of orthodontic practices and patients.

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LightForce Custom Clear Braces

LightForce Custom Clear braces represent a fusion of state-of-the-art technology and digital treatment planning. These braces are uniquely crafted using 3D printing, with a customized design for every patient. This tailored approach minimizes discomfort and enhances treatment precision by precisely mirroring the shape of your teeth.

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Damon Braces

The innovative design and materials of Damon braces move your teeth faster while minimizing discomfort. Damon brackets are smaller than traditional brackets and are connected with a memory-shape wire that does not need to be tightened, which translates to exponentially less force on the teeth and fewer trips to the office. The proprietary design allows the wire to move freely, which combines gentle pressure with the natural forces of your body to nudge the teeth into place.