Oral microbiome and systemic health

The human mouth is comprised of bacteria. This bacterium is responsible for bacterial infections in the mouth and periodontal diseases. The oral microbiota reflects the information and status of immunity through communication along the oral cavity and systemic organs. The impact of oral health on systemic conditions like cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, and diabetes is covered by the oral microbiota. Understanding their connection can lead to preventive and therapeutic approaches.

Microbial environment

The oral cavity is one of the most important interaction windows in the human body. The microenvironment at different sites in the oral cavity encompasses different microbial compositions. The microbial environment is regulated by complex signaling, external factors, and hosts. This may affect human health because of certain health states that are related to oral bacteria. The destruction of the microbial community is one of the causes of systemic diseases. In the field of dentistry, the research of microbial systems enhances our knowledge about the pathogenic mechanisms and oral diseases leading to tangible impact on human health.

Oral microbiota

It is found in the saliva and the surface of the gum tissue and teeth. It is found in biofilms that are, layers of goop-like material made of exopolysaccharides, where the bacteria survive. Microbes play a role in maintaining oral homeostasis and protecting the oral cavity from diseases. Oral microbiota can be altered by diet, smoking, alcohol, antibiotics, or during pregnancy. This alteration can disrupt bacterial equilibrium in the oral cavity increasing harmful bacteria. This can lead to several oral infections like dental caries or periodontal diseases.


A sugar-rich diet can lead to dental carries, while on the other hand, increased fibrous foods and dairy products help maintain a healthy balance in the oral microbiota. The choice is yours. Luckily, our offices offer advice and guidance on oral health and help treat diseases that arise. For treatment purposes, reach out before it is too late.