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Probiotics and oral health

Probiotics are microorganisms (bacteria), which benefit the host’s health. Studies have proven that probiotics are a top contributor to gastrointestinal health and nowadays it is linked to oral health benefits. They are said to provide health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts.

Balancing oral microbiota

Your mouth is a habitat for a diverse community of microorganisms. Some are associated with tooth decay while others help in maintaining oral health. Probiotics help in balancing the oral microbiota by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and killing the harmful ones, eventually reducing the risk of dental problems.

Reducing Halitosis

As a result of the process above, probiotics reduce the occurrence of bad breath in a person’s mouth. The odor-causing bacteria are suppressed giving you a better and healthy mouth.

Preventing dental carries

Certain probiotics such as Lactobacillus reuteri, have proved to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause cavities. If consumed regularly, they prevent the occurrence of dental caries giving you a beautiful smile and a healthy look.

Other health benefits

Probiotics reduce the chances of gum inflammation and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that are associated with healthy gums. In addition to that, it influences the composition of saliva, promoting a healthy environment that fights oral pathogens. Some studies have proven that probiotics may also reduce the formation of dental plaque leading to a cleaner mouth and improved oral health. Last but not least, probiotics help reduce oral discomfort that might be caused by conditions like dry mouths and oral lichen planus.

In conclusion, it is good to note that further research needs to be done to understand the specific mechanisms of action utilized by probiotics and their effectiveness in oral health applications. Before considering probiotics as a remedy, consult with our dental professionals to get the most from the product and to understand its dosage.


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