Surprising Superfoods for Your Teeth

Surprising Superfoods for Your Teeth

You are what you eat. Starch, sugary foods, and acidic drinks are bacteria’s favorite. Maintaining good health is not only about brushing or flossing your teeth twice a day, it is about making sure that what you take into your mouth is as healthy as your teeth need. This will help in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It may include fruits, proteins, calcium-rich foods, and whole grains. Other examples include:


Cheese has several health benefits, one, it has low sugar content and high calcium levels. Cheese contains casein which is useful for fortifying the tooth enamel. The calcium in cheese is necessary for maintaining bone density. It also has high phosphate content. Phosphate helps in balancing the pH levels in the mouth. Chewing cheese helps to increase saliva production which helps in washing away the bacterial content in our mouths.


This is the healthiest drink available. The normal working of your muscles also needs water. Fluoridated water is healthy for your teeth since it is a natural cavity fighter. Water helps wash away the remaining food particles and increases the saliva levels in the mouth.

Celery, Carrots, and crunchy veggies

Vegetables are good for our teeth since they require a lot of chewing. This helps in cleaning the tooth surfaces. Crunchy foods that have water are great for your teeth’s health. They are natural teeth cleaners, and they stimulate the flow of saliva. Fresh and crunchy veggies also have important minerals and vitamins for oral health. Celery is a natural floss. Its crunchy and fibrous nature makes it an effective tooth cleanser. Carrots on the other hand are great at fighting cavities. They contain vitamin C, keratins, and calcium which offer various benefits.

Generally, all the foods we take into our mouths impact our teeth in a way. There are various minerals and benefits of vegetables and fruits to our teeth. For more information about how foods like meat, and drinks like coffee and nuts impact your oral health, call or visit us today.