The Link Between Orthodontics and Overall Oral Health

Orthodontic treatments offer multiple benefits to your oral health, from boosting your confidence to protecting you against numerous oral health issues. It is closely linked to oral health and will ensure healthy teeth and a confident smile. Let’s discuss the link between orthodontics and your overall health.

Prevents Physical Wear of your Teeth

Physical wear is quite a significant concern for your teeth. It can occur due to numerous reasons, such as teeth grinding. Continuous grinding wears down the enamel and leads to the creation of cavities in your teeth. Uneven alignment can also cause the wearing of your teeth. Orthodontic treatment helps to ensure your teeth are well aligned by placing braces.

Decreases Risks of Tooth Decay

Crowding, crooked, and malocclusion can make you susceptible to tooth decay. When your teeth are tightly packed in your jaw, properly cleaning them becomes impossible. This will allow bacteria to grow in such tight spaces and contribute to tooth decay. Orthodontic treatment will help solve malocclusion or crowding of your teeth and ensure good oral hygiene.

Speech and Communication

Teeth and jaws play a vital role in speech production. Malocclusions or misalignments can interfere with the proper movement of the tongue, lips, and other oral structures, leading to speech problems or difficulties articulating certain sounds. Orthodontic interventions can correct these issues, improving speech and communication abilities. A dentist can recommend the use of traditional or clear braces to shift your teeth to a good and natural position. Well-aligned teeth ensures you can speak properly.

Orthodontic treatment plays a vital role in your oral hygiene and ensures you can avoid common oral problems. You should seek early treatment to avoid these problems such as tooth decay or speech problems. Early interventions also helps to avoid future problems which will require intensive treatment procedures such as surgery.