Why Invisalign?

Mill Creek, WA

There have been a lot of speculations about how Invisalign can benefit your teeth and help straighten them. For years, people have depended on braces and wires that are clearly visible in order to straighten their teeth. However, with dental progress you can now get good quality Invisalign braces that not only help correct your smile but also prove to be comfortable and flexible to use. 

If you need tooth correction, but you are not comfortable with the idea of having wired braces in your mouth then you should consider Invisalign. You can visit us at Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics to see how these braces function and how you can benefit from them!

Straight Teeth Offer a Better Appearance

There are many people who need tooth correction and alignment of the teeth, but avoided getting braces is because of their appearance. 

Invisalign are clear braces that cannot be detected, making it comfortable for you to wear without having to worry about any visible wires in your mouth. 

This is a perfect solution for young adults and teenagers who might be concerned about wearing braces. Although these are invisible, they are just as effective as traditional braces and can help align your teeth a lot faster.


 Invisalign Aligners Are Comfortable To Wear

In comparison to traditional braces, Invisalign is more comfortable to wear because they do not have any harsh wires in your mouth. They also do not go through your teeth to get any support and this makes it easier for you to wear without having to worry about any pain. 

Invisalign is made using smooth plastic which is lighter than traditional metal braces. It does not have any sharp edges that could poke your mouth, and this makes it easier to get used to. 

Straight Teeth Means Better Dental Hygiene

One of the major benefits of using Invisalign instead of using traditional braces is that they can be removed. This makes it a lot easier to brush and floss your teeth regularly without letting about any food particles get stuck in between the braces. 

Traditional braces are not removable and this means once they are fitted into your mouth you pretty much have to adjust when it comes to dental hygiene and you need to move your toothbrush around the braces to get it clean. 

No matter how hard you try, there are food particles that get stuck around your braces and over a period of time it looks very unappealing to the eyes. Invisalign on the other hand is removable which makes it convenient to clean your mouth without the fear of any food particles and bacteria growing in your mouth. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Invisalign also takes less time to help straighten your teeth in comparison to traditional braces and this means that you will save a lot of time.  You can give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our professionals here at Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics.